Our Vision

To be the "go to” contractor for our customer’s construction needs, chosen not necessarily on price but for the solutions we provide, our innovation, performance, quality and integrity.

What this means:

  • Developing long-term relationships with our customers and other stakeholders
  • Maintaining a balanced portfolio of work so that we remain agile and can respond to changes in the market place
  • Exploring new services and developing new skills such as shared risk development, funding models, technologies, and renewable energies in order to retain and attract customers
  • Focusing on solutions and identifying what we can do (not what we cannot!)
  • Seeking out innovation – investing in, and, seeking out new ways of doing things - nurturing good ideas!
  • Ensuring we identify and deliver to our targets
  • Strategically reviewing our portfolio of work against the changing market place and new opportunities – with new and existing customers
  • Continuing, as part of our culture, staff development and training programmes

Our Values

  • To behave as a family, providing support to our customers, staff, supply chain and stakeholders
  • To act ethically and do the right thing regardless of personal consequence
  • To take the wider view in decision-making, looking at longer term rather than short term gains
  • To provide stability in the employment and training of our people
  • To enjoy what we do and have fun in doing it